Monday, 17 November 2008

You will have seen from Richard's blog that he and Chris are now in NZ for a well earned break as well as Richard attending the NZ conference. You will also have seen from Richard's blog that because of uncertainty Steve Hopson has asked to defer his Presidency year and the Socitm Board of Directors has agreed to nominate me as next year's President. I take nothing for granted however and regret the circumstances that have led to this situation. From a personal perspective however I have huge pride in and enthusiasm for the position and, if elected, will work to put members first, recognise regional agendas and continue the transformation of the Society.

Whilst Richard is away I will be taking a personal lead in working with Rose on establishing the Membership Board, moving forward discussions on what programme of events we want as a Society, continuing the work of the NAC and making arrangements for the AGM in April. Richard still has more than 5 months of his year of office remaining however and I (along with all of the other Directors) will be supporting the work that he has been so capably leading in restructuring the Society and increasing its influence.

If we all work to move the Society forward then we have a bright future both as a members orgnaisation and a thought leader/influencer. That requires we all work in the Society's best interests whilst recognising the significant diversity of needs, views and opinions about how we progress. I look forward to working with you all as we move forward.

Steve Palmer

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