Thursday, 13 November 2008

Welcome, Steve!

My original intention for the Socitm President’s Blog was for it to be a President’s Team Blog. That didn’t happen, but we’re now taking a step in that direction! Steve Palmer, the next President, will become an occasional contributor to the Blog and, I hope, able to maintain and develop the facility – perhaps as a Team Blog? – when I step down. I’m also hoping that Steve can make his first contributions during my trip to the ALGIM Conference, and extended holiday, in New Zealand, although I’m also aiming to still make my own occasional contributions in this period!

The Chair of the Microsoft Public Sector Software Licensing Project Board contacted me to request that I do not make any further Blog reports of the development until a deal has been concluded. I don’t think I’ve written anything that’s at all confidential or controversial, and I do believe in doing the best I can to communicate the work we are undertaking in the name of public sector colleagues. I therefore regret the decision, but will comply with the request as I don’t want to compromise my ability to represent the local public sector on the Project Board.

There were to have been GC CoCo Exemption Committee Appeal Hearings today, but they were cancelled. Great! I got to stay at home and get up-straight with correspondence and ‘phone calls.

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