Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Planning IA09

I've removed the notes of my attendance at an IAEAB (Information Assurance Events Advisory Board) meeting, at the request of the Chair. He advised that the content is privileged information. I am very sorry for any embarrassment caused, but was not advised of its confidentiality, and none of the documentation discussed was marked as confidential.

I'm bemused at this development, which I hope to meet with the Chair to discuss. I believe I have a duty as a Socitm representative to report my activities on its behalf (and that as a CIO I have similar responsibilities as a public servant). Whilst there will always be occasions when we cannot divulge information that may compromise requirements such as commercial discussions or security, I did not think that any of these applied. On the other hand, it was clear that there is a real need to engender appreciation of and active support for effective Government Information Assurance.

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